Merry Xmas and a happy 2016

Merry Xmas and a happy 2016

Ferran Rodriguez wish you a Merry Chrismas and a happy 2016.

Cartas hoja santa

Hoja Santa

From here I want congratulate Albert Adrià and Paco Mendez for having achieved a Michelin star for his restaurant Hoja Santa.It is a recognition of the great work that I witnessed during my collaboration in the decoration of the taqueria and my subsequent visits to the restaurant. My work for the NiñoViejo taqueria also included […]

Concurso Baricentro 2015

34rd Baricentro’s children drawing contest

This year I have also been part of the jury of children art contest of Baricentro. I was again surprised the quality of the drawnings, some are really good. In this link you can see a video with young artists and photos of the awards: 34 drawing contest

Cartel Feria de entidades Lliçà de Vall

Spring fair of Lliçà de Vall

As a consequence of my speeches at IES el Vern, I was invited to take part of the spring fair of Lliçà de Vall, a little town near Barcelona. Being presented as a Municipal Library’s activity, I was drawing and signing sketches for two days. It seems the proposal was a complete success. Here you’ll […]

El Vern

Speeches at IES El Vern

Being part of the program “Municipi lector” I was invited to offer two speeches about comic’s world and more specifically to Disney’s one to 3rd of ESO alumni of IES El Vern. Again, I had a fantastic response from teachers and alumni. To complete the day I spent a couple of hours drawing and signing […]

Logo Weston 2015

Weston Super Sonic 2015

Visiting again the UK, this time by the hand of Weston Super Sonic’s organizers. Fantastic chance to meet Deborah Tate, STC editor, and Duncan Gutteridge, also to spend some funny time with Richard Elson, Nigel Kitching and Carl Flint. This time I was sketching for fans and also impart an staging class that you can […]

Comic Gallerie Wien

Signing session at the Comic-Galerie, Wienn

Profiting the impact of “the Ducks in Germany” and “the Ducks in the Alps” and also my attendance to COMICIADE, we organized a signing and sketching session at the Comic-Galerie or Wienn. It’s quite amazing that people recognizes your work even appearing in both albums as a secondary character. Officially my contribution to the works […]

Sonic the comic con

Sonic The Comic Con 2014

Sonic The Comic Con is an event organized by the same team that Summer Of Sonic, at the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall of York, England I had the pleasure of attending as a guest artist. Along it I had the pleasure of meeting again Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn, I was also introduced to Richard Elson, […]


Design of graphisms for the restaurant “POP IN”

Totally different to “NIÑO VIEJO”, this time the restaurant was a Showcooking Teppanyaki one. The main problem was the length of the available space. Being as it was a Japanese restaurant, I thought that turning its right white wall into a bullet train would be appropriate. After creating the designs, with a manga touch, we […]

Concurso Baricentro

33rd Baricentro’s children drawing contest

It must be one of the oldest children drawing contest in Barcelona. I had the honour of becoming part of the jury besides Txema Montero, MAC’s director, Marutxi Beaumont, artist and art professor, Quim Módenes, art historian and Xavi Lizana , artist and sculptor. Certainly it was a fun and enrichment experience, although not an […]

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