All Summer of Sonic 2016 2016

Summer of Sonic 2016

It has been a great time in London.
I would like to thanks each and everyone who took part on Summer of Sonic 2016, from staff till cleaners, passing obviously for every attendant. The fact of seeing so many happy faces together is a good therapy for us all.

Anyhow special mention to my lovely and recently adopted new nephews, Michael, Stiv, Matt, Kieran, Pete, Lewis, Mark… Adam, who took care of all of us as we were their own family, or better.

Fantastic time in the pub with Richard and Nigel, I must say this guys are much better persons than artists… and we all know they are great.

Although he had no time to have a pint… Duncan and Christine, how a great couple you are, thanks!

Surprised for how great the concert was, it took me back in time, so back, that I even had hair on my head.

Special moment was meeting a full battery Darren in the pub.

I hope there will be a new Summer of Sonic soon, I express my firm wish to attend again.

Thanks everybody for being so kind and patient.

If I miss to name anyone sorry for that, much nice people on the party for my already full brains.

Big hugs from a sunny, almost like London this past weekend, Barcelona

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